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A global consulting practice helping deliver the office of the future. NewField IT helps companies print less, print for less and optimise their workflows. 
NewField IT has developed the industry leading toolsets Asset DB and BI platform CompleteView to do this faster and with less risk. NewField IT also has a Systems Integration team to make the relevant technology work in customers’ environments.

NewField IT is not a supplier of Managed Print Services (MPS) or Managed Document Services (MDS).

How NewField IT helps your business

Consulting Services

We analyse and optimise the print and document workflow environment, design a future-proof strategy and business case, implement the new strategy to maximise return on investment (ROI), reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimise carbon footprint. Read more…

Systems Integration

We sell and integrate market leading software specific to defined requirements of a printing and document workflow environment. We provide expert and timely technical software support to ensure uninterrupted productivity. Read more…

Optimisation Toolsets

We are the developers of the two award winning and market leading MPS toolsets, Asset DB and CompleteView producing unbeatable precise and comprehensive data collection, accessible data visualisation and modelling. Read more…

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Over 500 Years

Over 500 years combined experience of printing and document management.

More Than 500,000

More than 500,000 print devices assessed to date


Headquarters in London, offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Philadelphia & Dayton.

More Than 40 Countries

More than 40 countries serviced around the world, direct support available in 6 languages

  • ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, AIIM, CompTIA CDIA, ITIL, Microsoft certified
  • Government Procurement Service Supplier
  • Central Buying Consortium Supplier
  • Scottish Procurement MPS Framework Supplier
  • Member of: MPSA , Intellect

NewField IT Technologies

  • MPMG015618_NewField-IT-Logos-10Asset DB is our award winning, industry leading MPS toolset. Presenting an intuitive floorplan based drag & drop visual interface, unique depth and detail of data collection for superior insight, TCO and Green reporting and future state design.
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  • adb-ws-circleAsset DB WebSmart is our iPad and PC web browser version of Asset DB. Presenting an online drag & drop interface for smaller and remote audits, and project sign offs.
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  • cv-circleCompleteView is our award winning, industry unique BI toolset. Presenting a user friendly graphic interface for visualisation of data, data analysis and real time data modelling for fully informed decision making and shorter time to revenue.
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NewField IT
This is just a note to say my heartfelt thanks to members of your team who bought me back from the brink of disaster… Please pass this to them with my thanks for a job well done.