About Us

NewField IT specialise in providing Solutions and Services the make the workplace a better place.

Founded by James Duckenfield and Robert Newry in 2003, NewField IT has offices in UK, France and USA. Our industry-leading software Asset DB and CompleteView are used across the globe. Our Consulting Services help numerous organisations worldwide achieve productivity by optimising the way their businesses operate.

NewField IT also provides a range of Professional Services using best-in-class 3rd party software that complement our own products and services.

NewField IT was acquired by Xerox in 2011, but continues to operate independently.


Bainsfair Nigel

Nigel Bainsfair – Managing Director

Nigel has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology sector. Prior to joining NewField IT Nigel was with Xerox where he held a number of operational delivery and IT roles within the European and Global organisation. He transitions from a Global Managed Print Services role where he was responsible for establishing the strategy and approach to the “Assess & Design” business process for the Corporation.
Nigel is an electrical engineering graduate from the University of East London.

Paul Routley

Paul Routley – Operations Director

Paul has over 30 years experience working in the IT industry. As Operations Director of NewField IT he is accountable for the Groups governance, operations performance, marketing and company shared services. Paul joined NewField IT from Xerox, where he held a number of operational and strategic roles within the Customer Service Organisation and the European Channels Group, and was responsible for the development and implementation of the Xerox Authorised Service Provider program. Paul is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer

Birch Ian

Ian Birch – Consulting Services Director

Ian has over 15 years’ experience working in the IT industry since graduating from Loughborough University. Before joining NewField IT, Ian worked for Ricoh and Kyocera Document Solutions. Amongst one of many roles, he helped to launch Kyocera’s Managed Document Services (MDS) offering in the UK, successfully implementing new internal systems and processes as well as deploying a number of client MDS projects. Since joining NewField IT in 2012 as a Senior Consultant, Ian has worked to launch the Workflow Assessments Services offering on a global basis, becoming Consulting Director for Europe in January 2016.

Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins – Software and Innovation Director

Bob is responsible for software development and innovation at NewField IT (a Xerox Company). His focus is on supporting the advancement of the business through optimal focusing of development investments, supporting major client engagements and assisting ideation and fulfilment of innovations for new opportunities

Bob joined the company in 2011, and created the first Business Intelligence platform in the Managed Print Services industry and went on to lead the development team for CompleteView. Prior to joining NewField, Bob worked for 13 years for a multinational MPS provider in a number of management roles in the analytics space.

Enthoven Jack

Jack Enthoven – Solutions Director

Jack has been with NewField IT since 2008, initially acting as a Senior Consultant before joining and ultimately taking on the leadership of the SI&S business, designing, selling and delivering market-leading software solutions.
Prior to NewField IT, Jack worked as a web application development and outsourcing consultant before moving to Hewlett Packard’s imaging and printing services as an EMEA solution architect, designing and negotiating some of HP’s largest MPS deals.
Jack has a Masters in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.

Kevin Conder

Kevin Conder – General Manager, Sales

Kev joined NewField IT in 2005, Bringing with him considerable services and solutions led, sales experience gained across the IT & MPS industry. Having played a key role in building relationships with key partners including Xerox. Kev now leads our UK & US based sales teams. His focus is ensuring that our partners fully leverage NewField IT services and solutions to add additional value to their customer propositions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NewField IT, a Xerox Company recognises that with globalisation of business, standards and ethics must be maintained regardless of operating geography.

The NewField IT culture is based upon the principles of empowerment, fairness and respect overlaid with “family values”, with a single guiding sentence: Do the right thing.

We encourage environmental awareness, practice in house recycling and energy management and have a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any type. We expect an ethical approach to business both internally and with suppliers and customers, where we deliver on our promises. Harassment or abuse of staff by co-workers or customers is not acceptable.

Working conditions for all of our employees, wherever based in the world should be no less that what we would find acceptable in our domestic market. This includes working hours and the working environment.

Workers are treated fairly. They are remunerated in accordance with fair local rates, are employed under their own free will and are free to join trade unions or other collective bargaining organisations. Overseas facilities are regularly visited to ensure the adherence to standards.

We support Excellent Development

NewField IT makes regular donations throughout the year to the registered charity Excellent, which enables communities in Africa to transform their environment sustainably and improve water supplies, food production, health and incomes through sustainable land management programs that include the planting of medicinal and protected trees.

For more information on Excellent Development, please visit their website: http://www.excellentdevelopment.com


A Strict Code of Conduct

We will always work in the best interest of our clients
We will deliver services to our clients with integrity, competence and objectivity
Services will be carried out by staff with appropriate training and accreditations
Commitments made to a client will be realistic and achievable
We will ensure that the client is aware of all fees and expenses before we commence work and will be appropriate for the work to be undertaken
We will not engage with a client through two routes at the same time
We will not supply or promote any of our 3rd party products whilst directly engaged as independent consultants
We will only deliver both professional services and 3rd party products in the same project when engaged indirectly with a client (e.g. via a partner)
If any potential conflict of interest arises during a project it will be immediately reported to the client and resolved to their satisfaction