The NewField IT Analytics Journey

Understanding your document environment requires a clear understanding of its different components: devices, users, documents and processes. NewField IT has developed best-in-class analytics solutions that allow you to take a deep dive into each of these components. This analytical journey will help you to understand all aspects of your document related processes easily and visually, allowing you to reduce costs and environmental impact, to educate your users on the various impacts of printing and to optimise your workflows and processes for a more effective and digitised workplace.

The Asset DB Suite

Understanding your device environment requires a precise understanding of your devices location, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), efficiency and usage. Asset DB enables the mapping of your devices physical location on your workplace’s floorplans and to collect the data they generate. This data can then be explored in CompleteView Pro/ Assess to be able to identify opportunities for optimisation and to model an optimised future state. Asset DB also goes beyond printing devices: it allows you to map any office assets on interactive floorplans.

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CompleteView Pro & CompleteView Assess

CompleteView Pro and CompleteView Assess are our best-in-class solutions that allow you to explore your device data and deliver an assessment of your print infrastructure. With visual and interactive dashboards and dials, you are able to understand the TCO of your devices and their usage. It also allows you to model future state designs using “what-if” scenarios.

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CompleteView User Analytics

CompleteView User Analytics is a tool that allows you to easily explore data generated by Print Management Solutions (such as PrintAudit, Equitrac, SafeCom, PaperCut and YSoft SafeQ). These solutions generate complex and static paper reports: with CompleteView User Analytics, you can quickly and easily interpret this data via an interactive dashboard. You can then easily identify printing habits and trends, as well as who is printing what and where in an precise, time-effective and secure manner.

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CompleteView Document Analytics

CompleteView Document Analytics is the latest addition to the CompleteView Suite of products. It presents the results of a Document Analytics study in a visual and interactive interface, where you can easily understand the source of printed documents, the intent for which they were printed, what action took place with the printed document and what happened to the document once it had fulfilled its purpose. CompleteView Document Analytics enables identification of non-value added process steps, and areas of focus for process reengineering and effective cost reduction activities.

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Custom Analytics

We, at NewField IT, are experts in document lifecycle analytics. We are able to fully customise our Analytics Dashboards to provide you with tailor-made analytics based on your requirements. Whether it is to support your quarterly business reviews with Clients or simply to explore any data you want, in the way you want, we can help!

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