Asset DB

Intelligent Asset Mapping

Asset DB is the best-in-class software to assess an existing document output environment and design optimised future states. The highly visual and interactive interface allows you to accurately map document processing assets on digital floorplans for a clear understanding of document environments.

Asset DB relies on a powerful database that allows you to capture simultaneously a wide variety of assets at different locations. Combined with the visualisation capability, the database enables the easy planning and implementation of MPS solutions in existing or new offices.

Asset DB allows you to:

  • Map & Capture unique asset attributes
  • Import & Visualise device usage information
  • Easily calculate Total Cost of Ownership and environmental impact
  • Synchronise, share and backup data in the Asset DB Cloud
  • Automatically create a repository of captured information reducing the need for manual data management
  • Future state design with instant feedback on full costs and user ratios
  • Live change to design functionality for faster approval and sign-off
  • Create multiple designs for a single environment to give clients an array of optimisation solutions
  • Create detailed floorplans, proposals & reports from the application to facilitate implementation and management
  • Calculate monthly output volumes using device meter readings

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