CompleteView User Analytics

Take control of your data

CompleteView User Analytics is a unique solution that makes it easy for you or your customers to understand exactly what is being printed, where, when and by whom. It’s an essential tool for the in-depth but effortless analysis of document costs and user behaviours.

It works by taking the information provided by print management applications such as Equitrac®, SafeCom®, Print Audit®, PaperCut® and YSoft SafeQ® (additional connector for Cirrato® coming soon), and presenting it in a graphical format which is simple to explore and understand. But this isn’t just a snapshot. CompleteView User Analytics is ideal for the continual monitoring of the entire fleet.

Available worldwide and suitable for any size of fleet, CompleteView User Analytics, is an ideal tool for clarifying complex datasets to support fact-based decision making.

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