Consulting Services

NewField IT has over 10 years experience in print and document management consulting with both clients and partners.

Using our team of experienced consultants and best-in-class Analytics solutions, our Consulting Services will help you understand clearly your document environment, allowing you to increase productivity and reduce costs. Step by step, we will take a deep dive into your workplace: devices, users, documents and processes, we have the ability to assess and optimise your document output environment whilst simplifying and automating your workflows and processes.

MPS Quick Assessments

A Quick Assessment enables calculation of an indicative, timely estimate of annual print volumes which you then choose how to use. The data and analysis can be an input into your own RFP process, or it can be used to generate “what if” scenarios for your existing fleet of devices. We can also use it to create Managed Print Service options for you – either with no change to your existing fleet or by creating an optimised future state plan.

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MPS Full Assessments

An MPS Full Assessment enables accurate calculations of Total Costs of Ownership, annual Print Volumes and Environmental Impact: this analytics based approach helps you understand the full scope of your print environment across all devices and is a crucial starting point to build a business case for change. An MPS Full Assessment also includes a detailed future state solution design, based on the client’s business requirements.

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Production Assessments Services

A Production Assessment helps you identify how your central print room could work better: our team of expert consultants will take a deep dive into costs, efficiency, processes and logistics of your Production Environment and provide you with recommendations for an optimised and efficient print room.

Document Analytics Services

Our Document Analytics Study process was designed to help companies and partners understand the role of documents in an organisation. Through both quantitative and qualitative assessments, we are able to tell you who prints documents, why they do it, how the printed documents are used and what their fate is once they’ve been used, allowing you to secure your document environment as well as reduce costs.

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Workflow Assessment Services

A Workflow Assessment can help you:
– Understand document workflows across the organisation and get insights to make intelligent decisions.
– Know more than simply identifying where documents reside and what print devices are used.

A Workflow Assessment provides a data-driven view of document-based business processes. Using CompleteView User Analytics and CompleteView Document Analytics, we are able to provide dynamic visualisations that highlight areas for workflow enhancement or automation. You can also gain new views into business process trends, paper and storage costs and step-by-step process details.

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