Nuance Autostore


Gain control over your documents

Nuance AutoStore captures information from a variety of sources, your desktop, multifunction device, smartphone and tablet, and then delivers the information to any number of locations based on your organisation’s predetermined workflow.

Capture, Process, Route

1. Capture: paper and electronic documents can be captured from virtually any source, AutoStore works with all leading copiers, smartphones, scanners and MFPs, making it easy to introduce new devices.
2. Process: all types of documents can be processed into a variety of formats (such as PDF or Word). Easy to use image enhancing features help improve document quality. Process using OCR, barcode, image management, document services and document conversion to make your network smarter.
3. Route: deliver documents instantly to one or more location including PCs, fax, line of business applications, email, FTP sites, network folders, archives and document management systems.

Key Features & Benefits

– Flexibility: capture heterogeneous date from any input device
– Productivity: smart workflows are easy to configure and to roll out
– Security: stop the unauthorised flow of sensitive information and secure a tight integration into your business processes.
– Best-in-class scanning: capture paper and electronic document and convert hardcopy into the latest Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.