Nuance SafeCom


Convenient printing on-the-go

Nuance SafeCom enables companies to reduce the number of required printers and bring down operational costs. Pull Print and Authentication turns network printers into personal printers, allowing companies to consolidate and rid themselves of assorted desktop devices. Users send their print and go to any network printer to authenticate and retrieve it.

Modular, Secure, Simplified

1. Modular: a wide suite of flexible modules and add-ons to create the exact solution you need today – with expansion options for tomorrow.
2. Secure: SafeCom Encryption is a standard feature of SafeCom Pull Print. It guarantees that documents and data cannot be misused or read while they travel through the network.
3. Simplified: Consolidation of printers and print servers reduce support and maintenance costs. In the process, companies standardize printer fleets and rationalize infrastructure improving efficiency and procurement processes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce print costs and eliminate waste
  • Safe and Flexible printing
  • Simplify print infrastructure
  • Accurate cost allocation