YSoft SafeQ

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Cutting-edge technology for optimal printing

YSoft SafeQ is a unique print management solution which gives you perfect control over corporate printing, boosts productivity, protects sensitive information and reduces overall printing costs

Economical, Efficient, Secure, Ecological

1. Economical: save up to 30% of costs by reducing print volumes and making printing processes more efficient.
2. Efficient: Boost the efficiency of your staff by making their access to printing, scanning and copying easier.
3. Secure: prevent unauthorised access to your confidential documents during printing and scanning.
4. Ecological: protect the environment by preventing paper and energy waste.

Key Features & Benefits

– Authentication: eliminate unauthorised printing, scanning or copying and secure your print environment with user profile authentication.
– Print Roaming: document follow the user to the printer, preventing waste and increasing document security.
– Rule-based Printing: achieve cost-efficiency and print fleet productivvity by using created printing policies.
– Mobile Print: print securely from mobile devices.
– Scan Management: simplify scanning workflows and eliminate unauthorised scanning.
– Credit and billing: allocate costs across multiple cost-centers.
– Reporting: gain visibility over your print environment and create cusomised reports on demand.